Disorderly and Refusing to Quit Licensed Premises at Denaby.

July 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 23.

Disorderly and Refusing to Quit Licensed Premises at Denaby.

Edward Freeman, Collier, of Denaby, was charged with being disorderly and refusing to quit the Reresby Arms on the 6th inst.

The landlord, deposed that on the day in question he was in his house when a man named Goulding came in, and there being a disturbance, he (the witness) looked round see what was the matter. He found that the row was caused owing to a bet which had been made concerning something which had come off at Conisborough.

He asked both the defendant and Goulding to leave the house, but they would not. He did not fill them any drinks while in his house.

Goulding was waiting to strike Freeman when he (witness) went into the room. After the men have been ejected, Goulding broke one of the panes of glass, doing damage to the amount of four shillings.

The waiter gave corroborative evidence, adding that the man with whom the money been left, after the bethad been made, went away, and this caused the defendant to become violent, and he picked up a stool and threatened to throw it at one of the men in the room.

PC Midgley dispose that it was with great difficulty that the defendant Freeman could be got to leave the Arms.

The defendant was fined 15 shillings and costs

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