Domestic Quarrels at Conisborough

May 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times. May 4

Domestic Quarrels at Conisborough

Robert Kelly, glass hand Conisbrough, was summoned by his wife for an aggravated assault and persistent cruelty. She applied for a separation and Maintenance order.

Sarah Elizabeth Kelly said that on Wednesday afternoon 18th of April she was in Clifton Lane, Conisbrough, between two and three or four, when the defendant came up to her and beat her about the face. He was always at it. Her nose and the inside of the mouth were cut, and there were marks on her shoulders. It was the third time he had assaulted her since she brought him into the court on a previous occasion. They have been married 2 1/2 years, and had buried two children. They have recently been living in lodgings.

Police Sgt Brown said that at 4:30 in the afternoon of the 18 th they had found the defendant in custody at Conisbrough police station, having been apprehended. The defendant said he had been hitting his wife, and the police had locked him up. The witness sent for the wife, when she came, he saw her forehead was swollen, and there were indications that her nose have been bleeding. Witness had had previous complaints about the conduct of the husband, and had seen bruises on her face.

The defendant gave evidence. He said he wanted to provide his wife with a home of their own, and he got a house, but she would not go into it. He had given her from 30 shillings to 33 shilling a week and that would not keep them. She wanted him to go and live at her mother’s home, but he would not go. He went to see her about it, and she struck him on the face with the house key, which she held in her hand.

The woman at whose house the parties had lodged said the defendant had not treated his wife with persistent cruelty. Of course, they had their quarrels, the same as other people, and she had seen the defendant strike his wife once. The wife would not keep the house clean, and she had not tried to make her husband comfortable.

The complainant: How many Times have you told me you would not live with him?

The witness: Never, you have a better husband today than I have.

The Bench found the prisoner guilty of an aggravated assault, and ordered him to pay 40 shillings, including the costs. They also made a separation for 14 shillings a week.


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