Denaby Utd – Donation will be Optional.

6 June 1960

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 6.

Denaby United Donation will be Optional.

The request of Midland League Club Denaby United for an extra 3d a week to be stopped from the wage packets of miners at two local collieries is likely to be the subject of a ballot in the near future.

The club already received a weekly donation from the men of Denaby and Cadeby collieries, this under local MinerĀ“s Welfare Scheme but because of the club’s poor financial position – the consequences of falling “gates” – the request for the extra amount was made by club officials.

Cadeby colliery NUM branch secretary Mr Tom Wright, told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Wednesday: “As far as the Denaby and Cadeby branches are concerned we have decided that the ballot can be held on the same lines as the “Coal News” system.”That is those who wish to pay the 3d a week can do so and those not wishing to pay will not.”

Mr Wright said it would not be a case of “voting out” the extra donation. It would be a question of individual preference as shown in the ballot whether the amount was stopped each week or not.

He said that the union branches resolution was at present being considered by NCB officials.

The football club itself, will be responsible for organising the ballot.




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