A Christian Kicked at Conisborough

February 1911

1911 February 25th, Mexborough Times

Doncaster Magistrates Court

A Christian Kicked at Conisborough

When James Cannon, miner, of New Conisboro´, invited Ernest Hill, another miner, into a field to settle their differences, Hill replied, “I´m a Christian; I only fight for the faith,” so witnesses told the Bench.

Hill, who is quite a little man, said that when coming from work on Saturday week Cannon, who is twice his size, caught up with him and accused him of having some money of his (Cannon´s). Witness said he had no one´s money but his own, whereupon Cannon threatened to knock him down and take the lot off him.

He struck him 8 or 9 times, then tripped him up and kicked him until he was unconscious. He denied that he had 10 1/2d (5p) belonging to defendant, or that he had called him an Irish pig and challenged him to fight.

A youth named Sellars and Joe Stringer spoke to the assault.

Defendant said Stringer was not present at all. Hill had money belonging to him, and had challenged him. He knocked him down, but didn´t kick him.

Cannon had a clean record, but he was fined 30s (£1.50) inclusive.


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