Doncaster R.D.C. – Ashes out of Closets obstruct Main Road

March 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, March 22.

Doncaster Rural District Council.

A letter was read for the Denaby Parish Council, calling attention to the state of the road at the crossing in that parish, and the footpath on the main road leading from Denaby to Conisborough station, and also the main road between Denaby Main and Denaby.

The Highways Surveyor said he thought the crossing referred to was at the bottom one of the private streets adjoining the main road, and someone had put a quantity of raw material in the channel of the main road, and obstructed it.

Mr Chambers said it was one of the private streets. The crossing referred to was discussed at the Parish Council. The crossing was on the main road, and which the Council, had made and repaired. He took it at the cost of the County Council. The footpath and crossing had got into a bad state of repair.

As to the state of the road from Denaby to old Denaby, he could corroborate what was said in the letter. The footpath had been mended by ashes out of the closets (laughter.) and they were in a very modest and dirty state, as well as smelling (laughter.)

With regard to the road, there had been a lot of mud scraped off in the wet weather, and it had been thrown on again when dry to mend the road with. He did not think the men attended to the roads very well. He thought the Surveyor should look after them.

The Highways Surveyor said there been a difficulty of not being able to get the stone.

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