Doncaster v Conisborough – Conisborough Beaten for First Time

December 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 17.

Doncaster v. Conisborough.

The two teams met on Saturday last at Doncaster when a very keen contest was witnessed.

A great deal of interest was taken in this match, as the same teams were in the final round of the Conisborough Cup tie last year when Conisborough beat their opponents by 1 call to 0.

The Doncaster team won the toss, and chose to kick with the wind, which was blowing very strong, leaving Conisborough to kick off. When the ball had been started it was at once taken into Conisborough´s quarters, where several shots at the goal were obtained, though nothing resulted from them, until Elliott made a splendid run, passing most of the forwards and all the backs, and finally putting the ball between the posts, which called for loud cheers from the spectators.

After this the visitors made several rushes onto the Doncaster Citadel. When half-time was called Doncaster was still ahead with one goal to their opponents nil.

When the ball had been restarted the game became very fast, the runs of Thrush and Benbow being very swift, and in spite of the strong wind the home team were playing against, the ball was constantly in the visitors goal.

A claim for a foul was given by the home umpire, close in to the Conisborough goal, and the referee had to be appealed to, before giving his decision on behalf of the Doncaster team and the result was a very narrow escape for the visitors as the ball hit one of the posts.

After this time was called, Doncaster being the victors by one goal to none.

This is the first time any Doncaster team has beaten Conisborough.

Team: J Barlow; H Chapman, T. Booth; G Ellis, W Ellis, F Senior; E Greaves, C Wood, T Kelly, A Swift, A. Wilson, and H Marshall.

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