Drowning at Gray’s Bridge

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 12.

Drowning at ´Grays´Bridge.

Considerable excitement was caused throughout the locality on Friday evening, when a rumour gained currency to the effect that a sad drowning fatality had occurred whereby three children had lost their lives.

Hundreds of people made for the scene, which is the point known as ´Grays´ Bridge.

Happily the disaster was not quite as bad as had been led to believe, although it was certainly sad enough.

It appears that several children have been playing on the side of the canal, trying to catch “little fishes” – to use one of the children’s expression – when a boy named A Dean, six years of age, fell into the water, and was drowned.

This occurred a little after 6 pm, and the body was not recovered until eight o’clock. Several young men, made gallant efforts to recover the remains, but this was not affected until grappling irons were resorted to.

The body was conveyed to the home of its parents in Annerley Street, Denaby Main.

This so-called `Grays´ Bridge is a veritable deathtrap for little children, and there is no fence, or anything else to prevent the little ones reaching the waterside.

What a pity it is that we have not a suitable recreation ground in our midst, where the little ones might go and amuse themselves after school hours, and which would, to a great extent lessen the dangers to which they are are presently exposed.

The inquest was held on Monday at the Denaby Main Institute, before Mr Dossy Wightman, when a verdict of accidental death was returned. The deceased was interred at the Denaby cemetery on Tuesday.






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