Drunk and disorderly at Conisborough – “Taking the Village by Storm”

July 1881

Mexborough, Swinton Times, July 29.

Drunk and disorderly at Conisborough.

“Taking the Village by Storm”

John Hancock, George Shaw, William Bird, Thomas Westwood, Noah Shephard and Richard Davis, all Colliers, of Denaby, were charged with being drunk and disorderly at Conisborough.

Hancock, in addition to being drunk,knocked onseveral persons doors and then when they were open the parties were insulted. He spat in the face of one young lady, and threatened another.

Fined 10s and costs.

Shaw, who hadbeen fighting with Bird, while drunk, was fined 20 shillings and costs to pay and Bird, who seemed the least to blame, was fined 10 shillings and the costs.

“Taking the Village by Storm”

John Hancock, was charged a second time with being drunk and disorderly, and Westwood, Shephard and Davis were brought up along with him before the bench.

The evidence of police Sgt Morley was to the effect that the men had been drunk and fighting in a grass field, belonging to Mr Blythe, near the Rock house.

A great uproar was caused by the cursing, and yelling. 100 persons assembled to see the fight.

It was not until the police came upon the scene that the mob separated. Shephard and Davis had received severe injuries in the fray.

Police Constable Guylee, corroborated.

Lord Auckland, said it was a very bad case indeed. Conisborough should be a quiet and pleasant residence, but it was not infrequently “taken by storm” by Denaby miners who made the place perfectly unbearable by their riotous behaviour and beastly drunken conduct.

In the present case, the men seem to have been worse than were the generality of colliers from Denaby.

Fined 12s 6d each and costs.

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