Drunk on Good Friday at Conisborough.

April 1881

Drunk on Good Friday at Conisborough.

Andrew Adamson, Collier, of Denaby, was charged with being drunk and disorderly at Conisborough on Good Friday.

Police Constable Munro deposed that on the day in question, he saw the defendant near the Eagle and Child Inn, cursing, and wanting to fight.

Police Constable Moore, corroborated.

The defendant denied being disorderly, but said he was drunk.

Fined five shillings and 13 shillings costs.

Defendant: How much is it in Wakefield? (Laughter.)

Lord Auckland: 14 days.

The Defendant: Well, I must take the same as our Jack. I shan’t have the chance of walking about doing nowt.

Lord Auckland: Is he a householder?

A reply having been given in the affirmative, Lord Auckland, said, unless the money was paid, a distress warrant would be issued

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