Drunk on Licensed Premises at Conisborough

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 24

Drunk on Licensed Premises at Conisborough

A charge of having been drunk on licensed premises was produced against a New Conisborough man, named Thomas Harrison

The defendant did not appear in answer to the summons.

PS Brown, after proving the service of the summons, stated that at 9:25p.m. on Saturday the 11th inst. he was on duty near the Eagle and Child hotel, Conisborough, in company with PC Thompson, when he saw the defendant come down, West Street with a woman.

The defendant was drunk and staggering, all over the street. When he got the front door of the Eagle and Child Hotel he cursed the woman, and told her to go in and get a gill of whiskey. She at first refused, but he used further bad language, and the woman then went into the house. The defendant followed her, and witness saw him staggering in the passage.

The landlord son, a boy of 14 years, brought a gill of whiskey to the woman and the defendant gave him a shilling.

The witness asked the boy, where his father was, and the boy replied that he was in the kitchen, where the witness went to see him. He called the attention of the landlord to what had happened.

The landlord said “I know nothing about it; my son tells me the woman ordered it.”

The landlord, gave the man his shilling, and took the whiskey from the woman.

PC Thompson having given corroborative evidence, the defendant was fined five shillings and costs eight shillings.

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