Ella Payne Ill but Pianist will Continue

June 1960

South Yorkshire Times – June 27th

Ella Payne Ill but Pianist will Continue

Over the past 10 years the name of Ella Payne has become one of the best known and respected in the Conisbrough & Denaby districts. For through out that time, Ella, now Mrs Bramley has devoted much of her time to entertaining other people.

Now on doctors orders she is to take an enforced rest from her piano playing and singing – but she will definitely not be giving it up completely.

At her Park Road, Conisbrough home on Tuesday, Mrs Bramley,amongst other things a founder member of the Conisbrough Glee Party, told the `South Yorkshire Times”, that for some time she had been troubled by “nerves” and she added, I am hoping to take a holiday in the near future, on the advise of my doctor, but I have no intention at all of giving up my work.

“If I did I would pass out altogether,” she said.

Began when Five

Ella Payne was playing the piano when she was five, and also sang at thechapel near her Wadworth home.

She was trained as a pianist and vocalist, intending to make this her profession. But because of family circumstances it was not to be and by the time she was 19 – by nowliving in Conisbrough – she was entertaining in clubs, hospitals, old peoples homes, in fact anywhere where there were people who needed cheering up.

Her work in this field has gone on ever since, and Mrs Bramley – “everybody still calls me Ella Payne” – still visits old people and entertains in hospitals from Pontefract to Maltby, from Mexborough to Sheffield.

This is in addition to her commitments as official pianist for Conisbrough branch G.F.S. the St John Ambulance Brigade, and the Glee Party and official organist at the presenty closed St Andrews Mission Conisbrough.

Though her present illness may limit her activities Ella Payne declares that the show will go on.


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