Empire Palace Site (picture)

June 1913

Mexborough Times, June 14th 1913

The site for the new Empire Palace is situated on Doncaster Road, between Conisbrough and Mexborough and is in a prominent position in the heart of a large and flourishing mining district. The Empire Palace will be built upon the most modern lines, and every possible detail to ensure the comfort of the patrons will be carefully thought and carried out

The Hall will be equipped with comfortable continuous seating in the cheaper seats, and velvet tip-up seats in the better parts. A gas engine and dynamo will be installed, so that the hall will be excellently lighted with electricity of its own making.

The heating will be efficiently carried out on the low pressure hot water system. The ventilation, which plays an exceedingly important part in an up-to-date cinema house, will be thoroughly studied, so that the health and comfort of the patrons will be ensured.

A plentiful supply of fresh air inlet is will be built into the walls, and all the foul air will be extracted by exhaust, assisted by electric fans, so that the Hall will always be sweet and fresh.

The sanitary arrangement will be all that can be desired. Excellent and large entrances will give access to the Hall, and there will be ample exit, so that the Hall can be cleared of people in about a couple of minutes.

To give a perfectly clear view of the pictures on the screen, the floor will be made to slope, so that every person in the hall will always be assured of a first class view. The interior of the building will be tastefully decorated. The operator´s box will be absolutely fireproof.

Externally, the front of the building will be an uncommon yet pleasing elevation, finished with redbrick, terra cotta, and strucco, at the same time being an ideal front for a cinema house. The back and sides of the building will be on brickwork strengthened by steel stanchions, and the roof principles will also be of steel and slated.

Generally, the scheme from details and plan supplied to us appears to be the outcome of a great amount of thought and experience, and should be a boon to the inhabitants of the district, by whom it is certain to be greatly appreciated.

Success is bound to follow in the wake of such a thoughtful and enterprising body of promoters, who evidently have a unique experience of cinematography, and all pertaining thereto.

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