Entertaining Display By Conisborough Youngsters

July 1963

South Yorkshire Times, July 27th

Entertaning Display By Conisborough Youngsters

If Conisborough Ellershaw youth clubs young boxers were not 100 per cent successful at the Doncaster charity gala day on Saturday, they certainly provided some fine entertainment.

Money was thrown into the ring after the excellent bout between Ellershaws “twins” Paul Reed and Dennis Reed -they are not related- who fought each other in the absence of other competition.

The winner was Paul who beat last years Yorkshire school boy champion on points.

His prize was a mantelpiece clock in his first competitive bout.

Neil Fitzgerald (Ellershaw) won on points against R. Collett (Enfield House)

Robert Pearson (Ellershaw) put up a fight but lacked the experiences to beat A.B.A junior championship finalist J. Joyce of Doncaster plant works. Pearson lost on points, but won an electric fire.

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