Entertainment by 100 Children at the Board School

December 1879

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 26

Entertainment at the Board School.

On Thursday evening last, an excellent entertainment was given in the large room at the Board School, by about 100 of the school children, assisted by the members of the church and Wesleyan choirs.

The entertainment commenced by the singing of the national anthem, which was followed by Mrs. Pennyfather┬┤s’ “Not now my child,” music by J. Proudman; “let us now go unto Bethlehem,” (J. L. Hatton) ; “away to the forest,” (Franz Abt) ; a recitation. “The Greenwood Shrift”; “Wanted” (R. Tissington); “but the lord is mindful of his own,” from Mendelssohn’s St. Paul ; “Hearts of oak,” arranged by J. Hullet ; “ye banks and braes,” “The minstrel Boy,” sweet and low,” (J. Barnby); a dialogue entitled “perseverance” by three girls and three boys; “king Christmas,” (T. Crampton); “conie fairy elves,” (A. G. Fowler) ; “The cornovale” (G. Rossini) ; a recitation, “no work the harvest work,” “spreading a rumour,” “hence now away,” (chorus from madam angot); a dialogue by four boys and three girls ; “truthfulness,” “coming thro’ the rye,” “the last roe of the summer,” and “home sweet home.”

The whole of the pieces were exceedingly well rendered, and reflected great credit upon preceptor and conductor, Mr. C. W Ferdinand.

In the unavoidable absence of Dr. Hills, the chairman of the school board, the Rev. J. G. Wood, vicar, rose to thank Mr. Ferdinand, and the performers generally for their great efforts they had afforded the audience, and Mr. Ferdinand briefly replied.

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