Enthusiasm at Conisbrough


Enthusiasm at Conisbrough.

Territorials departure.

On Wednesday evening and yesterday morning, Denaby and Conisbrough were live with military activities. The headquarters of the territorials had been moved from the Drill Hall at New Conisbrough, to an old block of buildings behind Hill Street, Conisbrough, and in and out here, there was an incessant stream of men – some hurriedly recalled from their holidays – undergoing various tests before the doctor.

They were jovial enough, these men, who had answered the stern call of duty, and the only disappointment visible was on the faces of those who failed to pass the doctor. One young fellow, who had been recalled from his holidays at Blackpool, was loudly lamenting the fact that on the occasion that he threw in his lot with the territorials the examiner had obligingly brought the card used in the eyesight test to an accommodating distance, but on Thursday morning he had kept it at the orthodox distance, and thus the lad had failed, much to his patriotic disgust.

Outside the hall, a large crowd congregated early in the morning, and as the territorials arrived or left with their kit they were given a warm cheer. A few left, Conisbrough by train for Doncaster, and they were followed all the way to the station by a cheering crowd of youngsters, but there were many pathetic scenes witnessed when the Denaby and Conisbrough company’s, numbering about 200 each, under the command of adjutant Archer, Doncaster, commenced their march to Doncaster. Women wept but cheered through their tears, and for a long way out of the town the men were followed by an enthusiastic crowd of people. The demeanour of the men themselves was one of cheerful – almost hilarious – optimism, although beyond the fact that they were to be marshalled on the racecourse at Doncaster they were ignorant of their destination.

This week has seen an unprecedented rush on the grocery shops, everybody requiring flour and sugar. So great was this rush at the working man’s co-operative society, that a special committee meeting was called to deal with the situation. The committee have wisely decided to supply each member with the usual weekly order, and to keep their stock for the benefit of the members. This arrangement ensures that all got their accustomed amount of goods and as all possible arrangements are being made to keep up the supply to the stores, people need not fear for their food supply

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