Erection of an Infectious Diseases Hospital at Conisborough

May 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 10th.

The Erection of an Infectious Diseases Hospital at Conisborough.

Local Government Enquiry at Doncaster.

At the Board Room, Union Offices, Doncaster, yesterday, an enquiry was held into the application of the Doncaster and Mexborough Joint Hospital Board to the Local Government Board, for the sanction to borrow the sum of £15,000 for the erection of an infectious diseases Hospital at Conisborough.

Enquiry was conducted by Mr R.W.Johnston, M.D., Local Government Board Inspector.

A letter was read from Dr Craig, the medical officer of health to the Joint Hospital Board, regretting his inability to attend, owing to being engaged at the Leeds Assizes.

Mr H.M.Marshall (Clark to the Joint Hospital Board), stated that the Joint Hospital district comprised the Rural District of Doncaster and the Urban District of Mexborough. The Rural District of Doncaster comprised 45 parishes, and when a total little value of £239,585. That was on 25 March, and probably by next Saturday will be higher.

The area in acres of the Doncaster Rural District was 91,704

The population in 1891 was 20,047 and the present estimated population was 27, 750.

The Urban District of Mexborough, had a rateable value of £33,200. The area in acres was 1292; the population in 1891 for 7677 and the present estimated population was about 10,450.

The joint Hospital district, and therefore altogether a rateable value of £272,795. The area in acres was 92,996; the population 89 tour was 27,024 at the present estimated population 38,150.

The Joint Hospital Board consists of 10 members from the Doncaster Rural District Council, and one ex officio and four members from the Mexborough Urban District Council, and one ex officio. The total number of members was 16.

The Board, had at present a temporary hospital for infectious diseases – for the purpose of dealing with smallpox cases. The site for the proposed hospital was in Common Lane, Conisborough and was 7 1/2 acres in extent. The side had been approved by the Local Government Born and they had given sanction for the borrowing of £1087 for the purchase of the land.

Competitive plans were invited for the erection of the hospital, and the plans submitted by Mr J.H.Morton, of South Shields were accepted. The plans were modified source to admit further extensions if it became necessary.

On 12 March 1901, the Joint Hospital Board passed a resolution to apply to the Local Government Board for sanction to borrow £15,000 for the erection of the hospital. The estimated cost was as follows:

Structure (including drainage) £9,822
Fittings and fixtures
(including engineers work connected with the laundry and washout)£1,600.
Boundary walls and fencing £462.
Road making £166.
Furnishing generally £720.
Architect charges probably £650.
Surveys charges £200.
Clerk of works probably £150.
Cost of raising loan and contingencies£1,230

Total £15,000

The sewage would run into the Conisborough sewage; the water will be obtained from the Rural District Council Doncaster, who were present preparing a scheme for supplying thewhole of Conisborough with water.

The scheme was at present before the Local Government Board for a loan, and at present awaited an arrangement as to way leave and purchase of reservoir. It was expected that water would be supplied throughout the whole of Conisborough before the hospital was erected.

The Joint Hospital Board had at present no outstanding loans, but a mortgage had been executed for £1387.

Mr Hattersley: the outstanding loan for Mexborough, is about £14,000.

In answer to the inspector Mr Marshall said the existing debt of the Rule District Council was certainly less than £18,000.

Mr J.H.Morton, the architect next gave a statement as to the structure and accommodation of the proposed hospital.

The enquiry was then concluded, there being no opposition whatever.

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