Estates Danger – 6 Aspects Debated

November 1963

South Yorkshire Times, November 2.

Six Aspects of Estate Dangers.

Coal delivery methods and the dangers of the thoughtless parking of cars on estate roads were two matters of which Conisbrough Road and Home Safety Committee decided to take action. In answer to a six point road safety plan, suggested by residents of Conisbrough Ellie Shaw estate at a recent public meeting, following a fatal accident involving a five-year-old girl.

On Tuesday, the committee decided to act on three of the six points suggested.

“The remedy is in their own hands” said the secretary, Mr R.F.Edwardson to complaints about the dangers of all-day parking my car owners. “The public must learn to cooperate in these matters,” he said, suggesting that publicity through the Council tenants guide would encourage people to eliminate parking obstructions.

Road Safety Officer, PC L.Wolstenholme, pointed out that this problem reply to or housing estates, especially where there was no room for parking at the side of houses.

Where To?

All-day parking could be, and was often prevented by constables on the beat, but he added: “if we are going to move vehicles of the Street, where can the owners put them? If we do, we are going to have people complain about cars parked on grass verges.”

Chairman, Cllr T.Hill observed that 100% of the Council’s new houses had provisions for driveways and Mr C.M.Clarke, the Assistant Surveyor, suggested that an approach be made to the NCB, who had built the houses in 1953, to allow car owners to create driveways between the houses, so that they could park off the Street’s.

The committee agreed to write to the NCB, and to appeal for police action where cars were parked along opposite side of the road, causing an obstruction.

The Denaby and Cadeby branches of the NUM will be approached to settle another of the residents grievances – the dumping of coal on roadsides, especially at night.

Mr Clarke said that in the role of Doncaster Rule District, not a single load of coal was tipped onto the street.

Coal Problem.

Cllr P.O Neil said that when Colliers went to pay for their call. They could ask for a convenient early-morning delivery.

No Action.

On three other points the committee felt they could not act.

They could not recommend closure of Maple Grove to through traffic after complaints of the danger of heavy lorries using the street to reach housing estate under construction nearby, especially since many children passed along the road on their way to the Ivanhoe Junior School. Mr Clarke pointed out that the problem was only temporary – until the completion of the building programme.

The committee rejected a proposal to set up play streets around the estate because of the inconvenience to shift workers trying to sleep in the daytime. Mr Edwardson said that in any case places could not be set up within a quarter of a mile of a playing field. All the streets in question were affected by this.

Neither could grassed islands on the estate the surface which tar macadam as “stands” for visiting. Ice cream vans. A police representative said that merchants could not be forced to stay in one particular spot.

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