Excursion of the Church of England Temperance Society

September 1878

Mexborough Times, September 6.

Excursion of the Church of England

Temperance Society (Conisbrough branch)

The members of the above society to the number of about 120,had their second anniversary on Tuesday last. The place selected for the trip was Locke Park, Barnsley.

Arrangements were entered into with the M.S. and Railway Company, to convey the party at reduced fare by the ordinary trains.

At 11 AM the members met in the Sunday School Room and proceeded to the station. Taking their seats in the train amidst the shouts of the youngsters, who were evidentially in good spirits.

On arriving at Barnsley they went at once to the park, which at this time of the year looks grand. The tower was visited, and with the whole Park much admired. Cricket, bowls, croquet, and other sports were indulged in, so that when tea time was called, all were well prepared.

The children formed a procession to the British Workmen, number one, at the Temperance Hall, Pitt Street, Barnsley. Here Mr Jones (manager) had provided an excellent tea, which was well served, the provisions being home-made of the best quality, and without stint.

It is needless to state that ample justice was done, all the members expressing their appreciation of the treat.

At 6.10 the children left Barnsley for Conisbrough in the care of the vicar, Mrs Ward, Mrs H Simpson, Mrs Grantham and other friends, who, through the day, spared no pains to make all happy.

The elder members followed by the last train, all arrived home in good spirits.

The day was all that could be desired and will be long remembered by the party.

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