Famous Local People

Famous people from Conisbroughand Denaby include the singer Tony Christie, Lenny Wesley of Foggy Dew-O fame, Groove Armada/Faithless bass guitarist Jonathan White, executionist Harry Allenand playwright Justin Scott. In sport we have Alan Sunderland, Mick Predergast, Ellis Robinson and Jack Barkerjust to begin with. Click on the link below for information about famous Conisbrough and Denaby people. Please let me know of anyone else worthy of mention

List of Famous People

6 thoughts on “Famous Local People

    1. james Post author

      Hi Granville

      Thanks for your comments.

      I will be updating this in the near future.

      There is an article abut Donald Pleasance, which you may have read.

      However I can’t find anything about Jamie Singer Richard and he Crusaders – can you enlighten me ?



  1. granville daniel clarke

    jamie Micheal stewart was the lead singer in the beat group based in Conisborough that Lennie was in Richard and the Crusaders..her later became a popular caberete singer -and is now based in Florida -maily appearing on cruise ships –he is on face book for ref and always comments on my page when i relate conisborugh stories

  2. jacqueline irwin

    I wondering if Jon Jo Irwin should be included in this list. He brought back a gold medal from the Common Wealth Games in the 90s and became feather weight British Champion which he defends to win out right.
    He now runs a charity working with disengaged young people in Mexbrough, Denaby and Conisbrough… contributing to the community that supported him


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