Fatal Accident at Denaby – John Dagnall

July 1886

Sheffield Independent, July 6 th , 1886

Fatal Accident at Denaby Main Colliery

Early yesterday morning, a collier named John Dagnall, living in Melton Street, Mexborough, and employed at the Denaby Main colliery, met with a fatal accident.

It appeared that about midnight he was engaged, along with a man named John Granger, working in one of the stalls, when a large stone fell from the roof upon him.

The weight of the stone was such that death must have been instantaneous.

Fully 15 min is said to have elapsed before the unfortunate man could be reached, the stone having to be broken before this could be done.

It was then found that the man had been very badly crushed about the body; but the principal and fatal wounds were on the head

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