Fatal Accident – Lorry Collision – Conisbrough Crash Sequel.

January 1941

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 25, 1941

Conisbrough Crash Sequel.

Case against Lorry Driver Dismissed .

Wilfred J Leach (Thursday), lorry driver, of Sheffield, was discharged at the Doncaster West Riding Court on Tuesday on two charges of driving a motor lorry in a dangerous manner, and driving while under the influence of drink.

The court proceedings were sequel to an accident in which a lorry driven by Leach crashed into the rear of a stationary lorry, result in the death of Sydney Barber (31), lorry driver, of Barnsley Avenue, Conisbrough.

Superintendent T. Gordon said that Barbara was in charge of a lorry which developed engine trouble on the Doncaster side of the wreckers yard, and as a result, pulled up on the side of the road.

Barber´s sent his mate to telephone for help and after he had gone noticed that his lights were fading, and sent a friend who was travelling with him to run after his mate passing to tell the garage that the batteries were fading.

In the meantime a lorry driven by Leach crashed into the rear of Barber’s lorry and Barber received fatal injuries.

PC Gray alleged that when he questioned Leach his breath smelled of drink, and he was unsteady on his feet.

Harry Fowler, of Oxford Street, Sheffield, Leach´s mate, said they were travelling at about 10 miles an hour. It was a dark night and visibility was poor. He did not see any real lights on the stationary lorry.

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