Fatal Fall on the Ice for Conisbrough Greengrocer

March 1963

South Yorkshire Times, March 9.

Fatal Fall on the Ice.

A Conisbrough, greengrocer, who fellone icy morning when he went to get his travelling van, died 10 days later in Mexborough Montagu Hospital. This was told to the Doncaster District Coroner, Mr K.D.Potter, at a Mexborough inquest on Tuesday when he recorded a verdict of “accidental death,” on Edgar Edmund Eames (62) of 9 Parkgate Avenue, Conanby, Conisbrough.

Frank William Edmund Eames, 15 Wind Hill Terrace, Mexborough, said his father hadsuffered with his chest for over 20 years, but over the past two years he had become worse.

Patrick Ernest Eames (16) said at 8 AM on February 20, he walked with his father to where the travelling man was part, at the rear of the Fox Inn, Conisbrough. The cobblestone yard was very icy.

Witness said the van, was kept in a lean-to to give it protection and it was icy at the back of the vehicle. He had unlocked the van door and switched the battery on when he heard a noise and ran back to the back of the vehicle wherehe saw his father lying on his back with his feet underneath the back of the van.

He asked him what had happened, but all his father said, was “pick me up, get me up.” After he had helped his father onto a crate, he complained about his leg.

“I wanted to fetch a Doctor, but he wouldn’t hear of it,” said Patrick. “I went to fetch my uncle and he helped me to lift him into the van and drive us home. When we got home my mother sent for the Doctor, who, after examining my father, made arrangements for him to into Montagu hospital.

Patrick said that, though his father had not told him how he came to fall, he could only assume that he slipped on the ice.

Dr Hugh Richman, pathologist, said that in his opinion, cause of death was bronchopneumonia, which was a consequence of a fracture of the femur. Chronic bronchitis was a contributory cause.

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