Fatal Road Accident at Conisborough – Balby Cyclist Killed

December 1923

Mexborough & Swinton Times, December 22

Balby Cyclist Killed

Fatal Road Accident at Conisborough

Reginald Willey (17) of St. Catherine´s avenue, Doncaster, went for a “run” on his bicycle on Saturday afternoon and in the neighbourhood of Conisborough he was involved in a collision with a car, driven by Mr. Alfred Merryweather. He died about three hours afterwards from a fractured skull.

At the inquest on Monday, John Davis a watchman of Conisborough, whose cabin was situated close to the scene of the accident, said the Sheffield road was being repaired for a distance of about 300 yards.

The cyclist was riding towards Doncaster on his correct side of the road, when a motor-car, the lights of which were dazzling came along from the opposite direction. Witness heard a crash and a shout. He attributed the mishap to the cyclist being “blinded” by the car´s lights, which caused the lad to turn into the motor, as there was no evidence of skidding.

Mr. A. Merryweather, farmer and auctioneer of Whiston, the driver of the car, said the night was very dark. His headlights were not particularly brilliant. He had no time to do anything, as the cyclist swerved into him.

Witness believed the cyclist was hurrying to get out of the narrow place where the road was being repaired, in order to get past before the car´s approach.

The Coroner considered there was no negligence, and that it was probable deceased was temporarily blinded by the headlights and the jury expressed the opinion that it was a pure accident.

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