Fatality at Denaby Main – Buried under Fall of Roof

October 1917

Fatality at Denaby Main Colliery

Arthur Alderson buried under Fall of Roof

An inquest was held on Thursday night at the Denaby hotel, before Mr F.Allen, coroner, touching the death of Arthur Alderson, fatally injured at the Denaby main colliery.

Mr Mottram H.M.inspector attended. Mr Smith, manager of the Denaby main colliery, was present, and produced a plan showing the particular part where the accident had occurred.

Harriet Alderson, of 46 Loversall Street, said her husband was a dataller, and he went on Tuesday night to work. He was killed while in the pit the next morning he had been a miner as long as she had known him. His age was 35.

George Turton 15 Annerley Street, Denaby, said he was in the same stall as the deceased.

They had been “ripping” at the gate and had just finished. They had had girders, and all seemed safe. About twenty to five o’clock on Wednesday morning there was a fall of roof without any warning in the working place will stop it burying deceased altogether.

All the miners present helped to get the deceased out. He was then dead. Witness was a dataller.

Fred Adamson, deputy, of 43 Bolton Street, Denaby, said he visited the place three times that night. The roof was very treacherous.

There have been a large fall in that place previously without anyone being hurt. They had been taking special precautions by having girders at the front and the face; that was the usual precaution, and he thought that quite sufficient.

There was a” fault” about 12 yards away, in a parallel direction. The ground was often treacherous near a” fault”. Deceased was covered about an hour before being got out. A girder had struck him on the back of the neck.

A verdict of accidental death was returned

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