Father Kavanagh and his Flock.

December 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 21.

Presentation at Denaby.

Father Kavanagh and his Flock.

On Sunday morning last, at the conclusion of divine service, the church of St Alban, Denaby Main, a very interesting event occurred. The committee of the above named church have been busy during the past few weeks with a view of raising a testimonial towards their reverend and much esteemed pastor.

Judging from the result, it is quite evident that their efforts in this direction had been successful, and the deputation that waited upon Father Kavanagh on the day mentioned have every reason to feel proud of their conspicuous achievement.

It will be remembered that this is the second presentation that has been made to Father Kavanagh during the past two years. The last one consisted of an illuminated address, together with a purse of gold, and was presented in 1898, on the occasion of Father Kavanagh’s Silver Jubilee.

On Sunday, the presentation was made to Father Kavanagh by Mr John Nolan, of Mexborough, on behalf of the subscribers. In doing so. Mr Nolan said:

“Father Kavanagh, the duty that we are called upon to perform this morning, on behalf of members of your flock, the committee, and a few friends of the surrounding district, is one that affords us the greatest pleasure. Knowing as we do the great sacrifices you made on our behalf, and how deeply you have at heart both the spiritual and temporal welfare of your people, we desire to show, in a humble manner, some marked recognition of this.

We are only sorry that we cannot give in accordance with our desires. We also wish to point out to you, Reverend Father, how generously your flock have responded to the committees solicitations in this matter, and although they would very much like to see you taking your hard earned vacation in some suitable climate they are quite content to leave the matter to yourself.

As this cannot be done without pecuniary assistance, we beg your at sections of this purse of gold, to the amount of £20. Permitted us in conclusion to wish you every joy in your trip, and a happy return to your flock.”

Father Kavanagh, in replying, said:

“Mr Nolan and Committee, in reply to both your sentiments and very handsome gift, it is to some extent known to you how I had intended and made arrangements at the beginning of the present year to accompany the Pilgrimage to Rome. I need not remind you of the manner of change which took place, in the collecting of our people subscriptions towards the church debt.

When I at that time told you I could not, under the circumstances be long absent; how I could not afford to make the pilgrimage; I must say I had no intention of pleading poverty, or of arousing your sympathy to make such admirable efforts of generosity towards myself.

No, I was merely stating my case. Even now I can only be absent at short intervals, intermittently.

However, I must not complain, and I am glad of it now, and find myself richer by £20. Both your generosity and attachment to me as your clergyman, age, I can assure you, very gratifying.

In that capacity, I hope I shall never fail to do my best for you, and so requite, in some way, your self-denial and generosity.

I thank you, one and all.

The following persons officiated on the committee: Messrs J. Nolan, M Keaveney, F Mullarkey, J Jones, H Higgins, T Comer, J McLoughlan, and John Fahy

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