Denaby Utd – Stamford 3 Denaby 2 – Denaby Story “If Only”

8 February 1960

South Yorkshire Times, February 8.

Denaby Story “If Only”

Stamford Town 3 Denaby United 2

Denaby could look back over this 3-2 defeat at Stamford and say, “if only” quite a few times. If only their goalscoring had come too late; if only they could have rounded off their attacks, a former the Stamford goalkeeper had been so lucky, and so on.

Denaby could have won this game easily; that they didn’t get a point was a miscarriage of justice.

Denaby were harder pressed in the early stages, although Wiles making his debut in goal came out of it quite creditably. His positioning sometimes put the goal in danger, but he saved it several times, flinging himself at the feet of the Stamford forwards – and his clearances were accurate and constructive.

Sanford went ahead after 8 min when Pennington’s pass across the Denaby goal beat everyone and ran to Dolby, who put the home side ahead.

From scarring that go to half-time stampers dangerous attacks could be counted on one hand, while Denaby press for goals which wouldn’t come. Wood with a runaway shot had Eldred going the wrong way, and slipped the ball past him only for it to hit the goalkeeper’s boot and bounce wide of the post. If only.

Big Hand for Grierson.

Grierson was easily the hardest working player on the field, helping the attack as much as the defence. He never gives up and the fact that Denaby had a greater share of midfield play on Saturday and they might have had for sometime was largely due to Grierson’s capacity for work.

It’s Stamford second goal came almost from nothing, Thomas catching the ball on the bounce 30 yards out and hitting a shot, which dipped and turned away from Wiles at the last minute.

Grierson had a shot punished onto the bar as Denaby continued to share the play, but when Bull broke away for Stamford, Wiles, in going for the ball, brought him down and the inside left scored from the penalty.

As a whole the Denaby defence played better than the forwards, who were not able to take advantage of the chances which they made for themselves.

Until the 82nd minute, that is, when they move between Ainscough, moved up into the forwards in the second half, and Cox
brought Denaby first away goal of the season, and less than a minute later, would coolly took the ball up to the post before squaring for Roebuck to reduce the arrears still further.

Denaby for the two goals with a tremendous effort but just failed to get the equaliser. If only they had found the scoring touch early. If only…

Team: Wiles 7; Whant 7, Foster 7; Grierson 8, Wild 7, Ainscough 7; Holland 6, Betteridge 6, Wood 6, , Cox 7, Roebuck 6

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