Fire at Conisborough Station

July 1921

Mexborough and Swinton Times, July 16

Fire at Conisborough Station

On Sunday night, about eight o’clock, an outbreak of fire occurred at the Hull and Barnsley Goods Station, at Conisbrough.

Flames and smoke were noticed issuing from the roof of the wooden engine shed, and the alarm was raised. Urgent calls were sent to the local Fite Brigades, and in the meantime the railway servants, assisted by Messrs Kilner Bros. workmen, attacked the flames with the few available appliances.

By this time the fire had got well underway, and one end of the shed was blazing furiously. A successful effort was made to remove from the shed a quantity of combustible material – barrels of oil etc, and entrance having to be forced through the wall.

The local Denaby and Conisbrough fire brigades, with their manuals, were quickly on the spot, and the Mexborough Fire Brigade arrived within 8 min of the call, but were prevented from rendering any assistance, owing to a slight mishap.

The Mexborough Brigade were unable to reach the scene of the fire by the low tunnel beneath the G.C.Railway, the route taken by the other brigades, and they endeavoured to proceed via Messrs Kilner’s yard. Whilst trying to negotiate a section of newly constructed road near the glass works gas plant, the two off wheels of the steamer sank deep into the earth. No one was injured, and no damage was done, but about 15 min elapsed before the engine could be extricated.

By that time the fire was practically out, thanks to the splendid efforts of the two local brigades and many willing helpers.

The engine shed was three parts destroyed and a large mainline engine, which was lying therein was very badly damaged.

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