First Meeting of Newly Formed School Board

August 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times, August 2.

First Meeting of Newly Formed School Board

The principal topic of conversation in Conisborough, during the past week, has been the report of the proceedings of the first meeting of the members of the newly formed School Board.

Judging by the first meeting, it appears to be that unanimity will not be a strong point with the members. Another serious complaint about the members of our public bodies in Conisborough is the neglect of the members in not attending the meetings, and I was sorry to hear that two members of the new Board were absent from the first meeting.

Now, if a gentleman allow themselves to be elected on any public body,he certainly ought to attend to the business.

Last weeks meeting may be described as a “tragedy in three acts.”

First act – the election of Mr Brocklesby as chairman. Mr Norwood and Mr Robinson watching the proceedings in the background.

Second act – the election of Mr Hirst, as vice-chairman; Messrs Norwood and Robinson still sulking in the background.

Third act – the election of Mr Dickinson as school manager. During this act Mr Robinson came out and assisted in the act. Mr Norwood still in the background.

Though this little tragedy does not have any particular “villain,” yet in Mr Norwood it had the “innocent and ill treated party.” Mr Norwood evidently watched the proceedings with “disgust” and left the meeting thoroughly dissatisfied with the whole work.

Since writing the above high here that Mr Norwood, has sent in his resignation to the School Board. If that is so, I am very sorry.

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