Floods – Conisborough Works under Water

November 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 5.

The excessive and continuous downpour of rain during last week caused the River to overflow its banks to a greater extent than has been known for over six years.

The works of Mr Thomas Booth, wood turner, were completely surrounded by water, and a considerable quantity of the timber got afloat, and some portion went floating down the valley to Doncaster.

The flour mill belonging to Messrs Hudson and Nephew were several feet deep in the prevailing element. All the grain and mealhad fortunately been removed to an upper chamber.

The cottages belonging to Mr John Betney were also about 3 feet in water, and the inhabitants were conveyed to and fro in boats, having to make ingress and egress through their chamber windows.

The water did not leave the houses until Saturday morning between seven and eight o’clock.

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