Floods – Serious Floods in the District.

October 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 8

Floods – Serious Floods in the District.

At Denaby Main the water in the river rose to the level of the top of the new Ironbridge, and great fears were entertained as to whether it would be able to stand against the great rush of water.

The canal and the river here joined, and at noon on Tuesday, the road to Denaby was made impassable for some distance, there being between two and 3 feet of water upon it. The Colliers from Denaby Main had to be conveyed across it in carts; but many of them went along the line to and from their work.

A large quantity of water rushed down the Denaby pit. Mr Warburton the manager received a message, stating the “Reservoir embankment was expected to burst near Ecclesfield,” and advising that the men should be in readiness to be brought up the mine at a moment´s notice.

There was great consternation at this village, as well as other places contiguous to the water, consequent upon the report that the Bradfield Reservoir was expected to burst, but fortunately this did not happen.

The Don was equally high in Conisborough and particularly near the glassworks was there a considerable quantity of water.

Of course, the village itself being on a hill, the inhabitants were out of the waters reach, and none of the inconvenience which was experienced by hundreds of families was felt here.

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