Floods – The Colliery Flooded and the Railway Embankment in Danger.

November 1880

Mexborough and Swinton Times, November 5.

The Colliery Flooded and the Railway Embankment in Danger.

On Friday morning last the Don was at its highest, and the waters rushed past Denaby at a great rate.

The highway near Grey┬┤s Bridge was flooded to great depths for a considerable distance and it was an impossibility for any conveyance to pass. There was a serious drain on the bridge owing to the force of the current and grave doubts were entertained as to its safety.

On the previous evening, the River hadrisen tosuch an extent that the Denaby Main Colliery, which stands to the right of it, was flooded. The stream poured down both the up cast and down cast shafts and much damage was consequently done.

The men received notice that it would be useless to work. They are returning to work on the morrow as the cage would not work owing to the quantity of water in the sump, and thewhole of the men, to the number of between 500 and 600 were idle for the remainder of the week.

The flooded nearly reached to the top of the M.S.and Railway embankment. The pressure of water against the bank was so great that it gave way in several places. A man was stationed about 100 yards down the line to warn engine drivers of the danger and to tell them to slacken speed.

Several houses were entered by the water and much inconvenience was experienced.

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