Followers of Bacchus

February 1882

Mexborough and Swinton Times, February 3.

Followers of Bacchus

William Marshall, a Cadeby, labourer, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly.

Police Sgt Morley said at 9:30 PM on the 19th ult he was on duty in Denaby road, Conisborough, in company with police Constable Guylee, when he saw the defendant very drunk, cursing and swearing. The man wanted to go into the Three Horse Shoes, but the landlord refused to allow it and he became very disorderly.

Police Constable guy Lee substantiated the testimony of the Sgt.

The defendant did not put in an appearance, and was fined 20 shillings and 12s 6d costs. Lord Auckland, remarking that this would double the penalty which would probably have been inflicted, had the defendant appeared

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