Football Dispute – Doncaster v Conisborough

April 1881

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 1.


In answer to a communication which appeared in last week´s paper, from the secretary of the Conisborough Football Club, the secretary of the Doncaster club, writes:

“Sir, though I always think it’s a mistake to write to the papers in case of a dispute between cricket and football clubs. Yet at the close of our successful season, I cannot allow the “hon secretary’s” letter to pass unanswered, though I will simply say her that for the sake of the reputation of the Doncaster Football Club, it was decided by their committee never to play the Conisborough Football Club again, either at home or out.

I myself was a strong supporter of the resolution, and after their conduct on the last three occasions when we met them, they cannot reasonably expect us to play them again.

If “Hon Secretary” wishes for further information on this subject, I shall be most happy to give it if he will write to me.”

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