From the 1930’s

1939 January 1939


We begin a new newstream which will take us through the Second world war and how it affected Conisbrough & Denaby.

We begin in 1939 as Councilor Tom Hill designs and builds an air raid shelter.

We see photos of the Pit Pensioners at their annual treat and children at a Labour Party treat.

The newspaper tells us of how a couple of Children ‘grubbed’ for food in dustbins.

An excellent Church Operatic Group are reviewed by the ‘Times’ and a rare book is unearthed and relates a menu of a feast in 1321.

Denaby United’s worst ever season continues with a 10 – 0 thrashing at Tickhill Square.


In February 1939 we visit the Annual Dinner of the Denaby Games League with 360 guests and hear about 4 workers narrow escape when a Chimney falls prematurely.

A Conisborough Octogenarian has lived in the same house for 71 years and the Council debate the sinking of ‘Tashy’.

We hear of a death through burning, the destruction of the Denaby ‘Rage’ farmhouse and a Patheologist tells us about the body of a Cadeby Miner.

Denaby United continue their worst ever season with a 17-0 defeat at the seaside and the ‘Times’ sports editor gets married


In March 1939 the township prepares for War as the area is declared a Danger zone.

Conisborough senior school produces an acclaimed Operetta’ “Dickon the Bedlam

Colliery Queen wins the Denaby dog show and there’s boxing fame for a Denaby “Terrier.”

An investigation agrees plans for improvement of the Denaby Sewage works

And Denaby United’s season takes a downturn as they conceed 46 goals in 5 matches!


In April 1939 A plane crashes at Clifton and an impressiveNational Service pageant brings crowds to the streets.

A Denaby King’s scout is honoured and a Farm blazes on Conisbrough’s Church Street.

The local elections sees the demise of a prominent councillor and Denaby United win their second game of the season !


As the War draws ever closer a realistic A.R.P.display is held in Conisborough

A Two small boy’s camping adventure causes a scare and we read a story about a dog and a cat – and a tortoise

We see pictures of days past at the Brick Works & with the Ambulance Men

Denaby United’s worst ever season comes to a close and the Cricket Club are struggling too

Ellis Robinson makes the headlines with Yorkshire

And there’s a May Queen at Station Road and Weddings too


In the middle of 1939 the German crisis hits a lull and local news is given prominence

The Modern School Girls give a display and School Queens are crowned

Epworth Hall is reopened and the Salvationists hold the Civic Service

The oldest inhabitant is photographed for the first times and Ponies and Boys go to London

and a compensation claim tells how a mining injury drove a man insane


In July 1939 we meet Conisborough’s Rabbit Expert and see the Mona Club’s Trophies

Conisborough’s station booking
clerk leaves for a future acting Profession

The Hospitals hold their annual Demonstration amid a Scarlet Fever outbreak and there is a Shotgun suicide at Denaby


August 1939 brings us stories from Antiquity about the Chair used to rescue a gentleman in 1867 and Joa Budd, well known for ‘Tupping’ Doors

A Conisbrough Youth excels at building model planes while a cyclist has a narrow escape

We visit a St Albans Garden Party with photos of the many people who attended

A sad story of a Denaby man who walks out and commits suicide and the Denaby schoolmasters with 111 years service

Finally but not to be missed a full review of Denaby United’s Football staff and Prospects


The Second World War started on September 1st 1939 and Conisborough & Denaby are ready with Evacuee Plans and Respirators for Babies

A Octogenerian with a Tricycle relates his recipe for longevity and a Conisborough Man is living wellat the ‘White Man’s Grave’

A Denaby youth asks; “I’ve not been drowned have I, Mam ?” and a Conisborough Curate tells us of his Model Railway Hobby

P.C. Yeomans retires and a suicide ends an ordeal of Pain

Cup Winner and Goal Scorer

Another article from September 1939 for football aficionados. I came across a Council minute congratulating Clifford Parker on his appearance for Portsmouth in the 1939 Cup Final.

Then I found out a little more about him, includinga trade card and You tube Videoand showthem on the attached page

Apologies to Denaby United fans who probably already know this!

It is further proof of the depth of talent and level of football played at Denaby over the years at Tickhill Square


The War preparations intensify, Hundreds of Air Raid Sheleters are to be erected

and local men begin to join the War and the services

A Conisborough Arman is brought down and interred in Beligum

Another suicide, this time the sad story of a young woman with epilepsy

The Worst storm for years brings fireballs & floods

Football is reorganised and a Conisbotough 8 year olds alerts the family to a fire


More men leave for the War front, including a 51 year old

A verger retires after 850 weddings and we hear from an expert Gardener in Canada

Denaby United get off to a good start and a former stalwart passes away

The Council fights for better allowances for soldier’s dependants

and a Barmaid’s fatal collapse sees a Conisborough man go to


As 1939 ends more Local People join up

Comfort Fund decides – Cash or Clothes?

The story of Ancient Ironworks at Conisborough is related

Denaby United draw at Peterbrough and the Welfare are playing well

We visit the British Legion supper to hear about their excellent year and a stike threat is averted


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