Fullerton Hospital Meeting – Move to secure Aerotone Bath.

June 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times, June 23.

Fullerton Hospital Meeting.
Small Attendance despite Change of Day.
Move to secure Aerotone Bath.
Decreased Balance in hand.

Despite the fact that the annual meeting of the Fullerton Hospital, Denaby Main, was held on Sunday, instead of on a week day as usual, in order to seek a better attendance of mine workers, there was an attendance of only about 50 subscribers, including the committee, last week end

The chairman, Cllr B.Roberts, deplored this lack of interest, but said it indicated that the subscribers were apparently satisfied with the working of the Hospital.

A reduction of the balance from £1043 to £866 3s 8d was reported.

Gesture of Sympathy.

At the commencement of the meeting, Mr Ben Roberts (chairman), asked the contributors present to stand in silence in memory of the men who had lost their lives in the three submarine disasters of America, England and France.

Mr Roberts said he much regretted the small attendance at the meeting, because the Union branches had requested that the meeting this year should be arranged for a Sunday morning to enable more of their members to attend. He said that the men had complained that when it was held in the week. They were not able to attend, owing to shift work at the collieries. Now it had been made possible for a large attendance, it was disappointing to see so small a number.

The chairman said the Hospital was making great strides in improved conditions. The doctors had suggested many things which were to their advantage. They had fresh methods and new devices for the healing of the sickand the prevention of disease. It was up to the subscribers to encourage them because it meant better facilities for the men, women and children. When the hospital was opened it was for men only, but it had continued to develop, and now it had wards for men, women and children. He was sorry that at the moment they were held up with the extension scheme, but they hoped that the Central Welfare Committee would soon be able to put their grant in order, and allow them to proceed. They were very thankful for the help they had received from the Welfare Committee in the past, and they have great hope for practical assistance from them in the future.

With regard to the doctors agreement, he would say that this had not been satisfactory for some time, but he was glad to inform them that a new one was in course of completion, which he felt sure would give satisfaction to all.

The chairman continue, “we must be fair to our doctors and our nursing staff is, they must be treated like our men. The doctors work very hard, and they had to be prepared to be called out at all hours of the day or night, and their work should be more appreciated. With regard to our nurses, they too, must be given fair treatment. We believe in short hours, and we should see to it that those we employ are similarly treated.

The house for nurses have been neglected for too long. They must out the 48 hour week. It means more money, but we must consider the facts and give justice. We stand for that ourselves, and we must see that we give it to our employees. We have a splendid nursing staff, and an excellent . Matron and we need to show our appreciation of the services they render in a more remunerative way.”

The chairman also remarked on the attendance Dr J.J.Huey and Dr D.T.Clark, and said they were pleased to see them recover from their recent illnesses and again in harness. In closing Mr Roberts said, “I can only conclude from the poor attendance of subscribers that they are quite satisfied with the way in which the Board on Management and staff carry out their duties.

Generous Miners.

Mr H.go muscle then referred to the closing down of the works of messes Kilner brothers, which had meant a decrease in the contributions to the hospital, this had been placed before the Mineworkers when immediately agreed to an increase contribution to counteract the situation, and he would like to place on record a vote of appreciation of their action.

Mr J.T.E.Collins, secretary of the Denaby Y.M.A.branch, brought to the notice of the meeting a matter which he said had been before his committee, that the cases of Mineworkers were attending the aerotone Baathists at Manvers Main Colliery, and having to pay their own expenses and fees. He asked was it possible for the Hospital Committee to meet these expenses out of their funds.

Mr Roberts replied that at present the funds were not in such a position that they could afford to meet any extra cost of such a nature, because he did not mean just an isolated case, but many others that might follow, but that it was possible if their circumstances were such as needed assistance. The men might be able to obtain the same from another source.

After some discussion, it was a decided to approach the Colliery Company to see if it was at all possible to consider the installation of a similar device in connection with the new baths now been erected at the Denaby Colliery, which could be arranged for the use of their employees in the colliery group.

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