Gallant Conisbrough Miner – Unselfish Appeal to Rescuers

May 1919

Mexborough Times, May 10th

Gallant Conisbrough miner
Unselfish Appeal to Rescuers

The Doncaster Borough coroner (Mr R.A.H.Tovy), held an enquiry on Saturday into the death of Herbert Hall, miner, aged 22, of 11 Clifton Hill, Conisboro´, who died in the Doncaster infirmary on Thursday.

Deceased, was employed at the Yorkshire Main colliery, went to work about 10 o´clock on Wednesday night, and about 1:30 on Thursday morning a miner named Hammond asked him to assist to put a bar up to cover a hole in the roof. One end of the bar was placed on an upright, and whilst they were putting up another end, a large portion of the roof came down, burying him under the debris, and it took about six hours to get him out.

Enos Parry, deputy, said that at 12:30, he was at the place, and told them to get the hole covered in as soon as possible and to be careful. It was risky work, but every precaution was taken. A previous fall took place the last week of the strike.

In reply to the coroner, witness said both falls were owing to the strike, as they were not able to timber.

When they were endeavouring to get him out, and dirt started dropping, deceased, said, “Enos, run back. If anyone is to go let me go myself. Don´t let you be buried.”

It took over five hours to release him, and all the time. The roof was unsteady, but that did not deter them from working on. There came an extra dose and they had to runaway, but they returned again.

The coroner said the men were entitled to praise for this splendid efforts. They made in the midst of great danger to release the deceased.

The jury returned a verdict of “accidental death,” and added a word in praise of the men who helped to release the deceased.

Mr Walker, manager of the pit, bore testimonyy to the strong efforts that were made, and said that the blood ran off their hands in the struggle to get the stone of him. Deceased was conscious all the time, and thanked everyone for what they did.

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