Gambling at Conisboro’ on Good Friday

April 1878

Mexborough Times 26 April 1878.

Gambling at Conisboro´ on Good Friday.

William Johnson, Jno Linus and Jno Carter, no fixed place of abode, were all charged with gaming at Conisboro´, on Good Friday, the 19th inst.

PC Thirlby, said he, in company with PC Garnet at 3 PM on the day in question was on duty in Denaby Road, Conisboro´, in plain clothes.

Carter was on the floor with the three cards (produced), and saying, “We will bet on Missy, 10 to 1 on Missy” Johnson and Lynas were trying all they could call the attention of the bystanders to the betting on the cards. Saw several lots of money pass.

They apprehended the three prisoners, and the cards produced. A man named Major, of High Melton; in the scuffling which took place, lost half a sovereign altogether.

PC Garnet corroborated the evidence of previous witness adding that Carter got all the money when they seized them, and gave it to his wife.

Carter admitted his guilt, but pleaded for a lenient sentence on account of his wife.

Each of the prisoners were sent to Wakefield for one month.

Thomas Fisher was also charged with gaming at the same place, on Good Friday.

In this case, the prisoner had an oilcloth on the board on his stall. Horses were painted on the cloth and there was a spinner in the centre, and betting was being carried out as to which horse. The pointer would stop at.

Sentenced to 1 month´s imprisonment.

Thomas Maxwell was also charged with gaming. Sgt Stringer proved the case. Prisoner was adopting what is known as “tricking the Garter” system of betting. It appeared that Sgt Stringer gave the prisoner into the charger of PC Plowright, who had a great amount of trouble with him on arriving at the station to take into Doncaster. He became very violent and slipped the hand cuffs.

For the extra trouble given by this gentleman he was sentenced to 2 months imprisonment.

Jno Bucknall another of the gaming fraternity have been caught operating the dice at Conisboro´. PC Garnet proves the charge.

Sent to prison for one month.

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