Gifts for Troops – Balaclavas, Scarves, Mittens, Socks, Cigarettes & Sweets

February 1940

Mexborough & Swinton Times, February 03

Gifts for Troops

Fifteen parcels, each containing a helmet, a scarf, mittens, a pair of socks, cigarettes and sweets, have been despatched by the Wesley Methodist and New Hill Methodist churches knitting circle in connection with the W.V.S. to relatives of the circle members and to old Sunday School scholars.

The parcels amounted in value to about 10s each and the members, besides their hospital supplies work for the W.V.S., are busily engaged making further garments for more parcels.

Some of the recipients have sent letters of thanks and the talent of the knitters is revealed by a remark from a reply by Trpt. J. D. Birdsall that “several of my mates have received Balaclava helmets but they have tried to exchange mine (sometimes unawares) as mine is so well knitted “but I´ll watch `em”.

Mr. Birdwell adds that “to-day I had my first glimpse of a four-engined Nazi plane. It was a thrill”.

L/Cpl. F. E. Hodgson writes from France that they are very well treated there “but a reminder that the folk at home are still thinking and working for us gives us heart”.

The knitting circle is organising a number of socials to raise funds for wool.


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