Globe Palace

July 1916

Mexborough Times, July 8, 1916

Globe Palace

For the last three days of this week a very powerful drama by the Thanhouser company is being shown entitled” God’s witness,” and it is rightly classed as one of those renowned producer’s greatest masterpieces. The four reels abound in beautiful human touches, which compel interests, and it features the celebrated actress, Florence la Badie, of “million-dollar mystery” fame. The “graphic” and other fine single real dramas and comedies are also included in a pleasing bill.

Next week: “The Scarlet virgin,” a three-part Lubin drama, is starred for Monday, along with the fifth episode of that marvellous serial picture, “The Diamond from the sky,” in which excitement and novel situations will claim many more followers of this irresistible picture story.

“Chills and chickens” (Joker), and “Bad Man Bobbs” (Selig) are both exceptionally good comedies, and the “graphic” contains latest topical events.

On Thursday a Thanhouser masterpiece is secured, entitled “The Patriot and the Spy,” a four-part drama of special interest at the present time, and we recommend all to see this great star, which is supported by other good comics, including “from Beanery to Billions,” a two-part LKo of the best quality.



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