Good Friday Disorder – Refusing to Quit

April 1879

Mexborough and Swinton Times April 25.

Disorderly and Refusing to Quit Licensed Premises at Conisborough.

John Briggs and Thomas Wraith of Mexborough, were charged with being disorderly and refusing to quit licensed premises on 11 April.

William Bolton deposed that on Friday the 11th Wraith and Briggs came into the Station Inn at Conisborough and called for a pint of beer and a glass of brandy. He (witness) serve them, when they complained that the measure was short so far as a the brandy was concerned. They said they would take the glass and brandy home with them and have it tested. He (witness) told him that he might take the brandy but would not take the glass. Wraith then threatened to give him a smack on the nose. The landlord´s son. On hearing the disturbance came into the room, and he fetched a policeman and he came. Briggs had the glass in his hand at the time. The placement at the glass out of it and, and they returned him his money back.

Joseph Smith, the landlord son, deposed to hearing a noise in the front room, and he went and told his father, who told him to go and turn them out. He went, and ordered the two defendants out. They said they would not go out, so he went and fetched the police, who put them out.

PC Moore deposed that at 930 (Good Friday) he was on duty at Conisborough and was called to the station Inn there. Went into the front room and there saw Wraith, Briggs and others. The landlord said there got some brandy and complained that it was short measure and made a great disturbance. PC Pilmore then gave Briggs his 4d back, and Briggs returned the brandy. They still refused to go. He (witness) put out Briggs and PC Pilmore put out Wraith. When outside Wraith use bad language, and threatened to find witness a grave.

PC Pilmore, corroborated the evidence of previous witness.

Wraith in defence, said he went in a call for a glass of beer, glass of gin, and four of brandy. The brandy would not cover the glass bottom, and he asked the waiter if he called that four pennyworth of brandy, whereupon the weighted doubled his shirt sleeves and offered to fight him. He told a media not want to fight, but would take the brandy to Mexborough, as it was to be tested.

Edward Edwards, witness for the defence, stated that whilst he was there. The two defendants came in and called for beer, gin and four pennyworth of brandy. They called the waiters attention to the brandy, and asked him if it was four pennyworth. He said it was for what he knew, he did not draw it. They wanted to take the glass and brandy away and pay for it, but they would not let them. The waiter doubled up his sleeves apparently with a fighting intention this. He would not let them go fetch the landlord. The police soon afterwards came in. Pilmore got the 4d from the landlord, and returned it to Wraith, and he gave up the brandy, and they went out.

Wraith was fined 10 shillings and costs; Briggs was fined five shillings and costs.

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