“Grate Fite” – A lively Fight at Denaby

July 1901

Mexborough and Swinton Times July 5.

A Lively Fight at Denaby.

June 24, 1901, may be put down by Denaby people as the day on which a “grate fite” took place near the home of Betsy Maloney, of Denaby.

Christopher Wilson, a fitter, was summoned for having assaulted Betsy, but when the evidence was heard it was found that the case was not such a bad one after all – that is to say, that Christopher was not wholly to blame.

The complainant was represented by Mr Baddeley and Mr R.A.H. Tovey, appeared for the defendant.

It was stated that the complainant and her husband were seated outside, at the back of the house, when the defendant came and challenged the husband out to fight.

The husband declined to have anything to do with him, and defendant attempted to pull away, when the complainant tried to stop him, to get her husband away, the defendant then struck her on the nose and made it bleed.

Since the summons was issued defendant had used terrible threats to the complainant, and Mr Baddeley asked that he should be bound over.

In reply to Mr Tovey, complainant admitted that her husband went into the house for a pair of gloves, and the men had a fight.

She went for two lots of beer, and had some herself, but that was before the disturbance. She did not fetch the poker, and did not strike the defendant on the back with a stone. When the fight was on she was going to strike him, but a woman pulled her back.

In defence, it was said that complainant┬┤s husband was getting the worst of the fight, and complainant got the poker, and also a piece of brick to strike defendant on the back.

Defendant was bound over to keep the peace, and ordered to pay costs.





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