Half Term Report on Denaby United

October 1963

South Yorkshire Times, October 12.

Half Term has soon come round for Denaby United.

Special “Times” report on the Tickhill Square boys.

This half term report: reports are not usual at half-time, but we are making an exception this week. The form is Denaby United, the grade Midland League. So far this term. The pupils had not produced the work which they are capable of and it is hoped to see an improvement by Christmas.

Pupils are:

Stasiukiewicz, Edward

frequently produces outstanding and at times brilliant work, but is inclined to forget basic essentials and make elementary mistakes. Often does not give himself enough room to work in and seems to be tied to a small area of exploration instead of moving around more.

Hough, Harry.

Head of the form with making sincere efforts, despite a number of difficulties, to weld the rest of the form together. The start of the tour was himself responsible for a number of mistakes, and on his return from illness on Saturday, although he started brightly, faded later.

Whant, Brian.

His strong, hard worker who lets very little passing by. Although hardly ever in the limelight is always reliable and competent.

Foster, Frank.

Whant´s regular companion for most of the term. The two make a good pair, of the same qualities and work hard and well together.

Ainscough, Roy.

Has climbed down a lot since last year and become more level headed. As power and stamina and a great capacity for hard work. Likes to work with those on the front row occasionally when he often sets a good example.

Bellamy, Tony .

A new, this term didn’t have a very good start, but have since recovered to show himself reliable and hard-working. In the short time he has been here and establish good corporation between his companions at the back and those at the front.

Wild, Geoff.

Usually sound, but lacks the tenacity of someone like Ainscough, and is at times inclined to take things too casually. Always calm and unruffled, his work in the past has proved his worth but he should get stuck in more.

Wright, Carl.

Another who was much the same trouble as Wild – timidity. Although usually competent. You should try to assert himself more.

Saul, Michael.

Another newcomer was not had much chance to show his talent, but his efforts are shunning to be sound, strong and unyielding.

Mullen, Charlie

Has been absent for a number of classes this term. Has the enthusiasm necessary but needs more method to his work and at times is slow in making decisions.

Martin, David.

The youngest in the form, he has fitted in well with his older classmates, who, when they bring him into the activities, allowing to show that he has more than average ability. Is capable of more work than he is allowed to do at present, and could go very far.

Wood, Clem.

Has the skill and ability to do really well, but has this term been disappointing. Needs to set his mind to the task and work hard all the time, and he would show what he’s really capable of. Has perhaps the greatest potential of all those up front.

Gray, Brian.

His work. This term has not been up to the standard, which has come to be expected of him. Seems to be having some difficulty in settling down.

Wharham, Herbert

Works hard and started the term brightly. Suffers, as do the rest of the pupils at the front, from lack of coordination with his classmates.

Roebuck, Gary.

Has not yet fulfil the promise he showed at the end of last term. Undoubtedly an extremely hard worker who never stops trying, but needs to have his energies directed to more constructive work.

As a whole the front row has not yet got together as a single unit, which would make much more impression than their present individual efforts. The back row starts classes well enough but are inclined to tire and lose interest in tackling a problem near the end, mainly because the large amount of work they have to get through – a great deal of which could be tackled before it builds up.

More stamina all-round and less inclination to become discouraged should produce the results of which there are capable.

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