Soldier – Hardy F. – Struck by Shell (picture)

October 1916

Gunner F Hardy – Struck by Shell

Mrs Hardy of 4 Melton View, received official news on Saturday of the death of her husband.

Writing to Mrs Hardy, Lt A.W.Polden states:

“I am sorry to inform you that your husband has today died in hospital from wounds received whilst performing his duty. He was struck by a piece of shell and immediately ran to me. The Doctor attended to him at once, and he was sent to hospital in a motor ambulance, but died about an hour after reaching their.

He was in no pain at any time, and seemed partly conscious. We buried him last evening in a soldier’s graveyard, on a hillside overlooking the battery position where we now have been for some months.

His comrades carried him into the grave. I am having a oak cross put up.

He has been my servant ever since we both joined the battery, and I always found him cheerful, willing and thoroughly trustworthy. He was a good servant and a good soldier; a great favourite with all the officers and men. I can assure you that the battery extend their deepest sympathy to yourself and your little girl.”,%20FRANK

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