Harrison Cup – Retained by Denaby Colliery

18 September 1920

Mexborough times, September 18, 1920.

The Harrison Cup.
Retained by Denaby Colliery

Denaby 227 for 5 Cadeby 76

W.Widdowson 64, W.Narroway 53*, A.Robinson 42, T.Peters 31 G.Worthington 28*, Wilson 9-19

The cup presented by Mr H.C.Harrison to be competed for annually by Denaby and Cadeby Collieries was played for yesterday at Denaby.

Denaby batted first and scored 227 for 5 wickets. They were excellent performances with the bat by Mr W. Widdowson, W. Narroway, A. Robinson and T. Peters. The Cadeby side were dismissed for 76. Wilson played havoc with the Cadeby batsmen, he being credited with 9 wickets for 19 runs.

Mr H.C.Harrison, in presenting the cup to Mr H.W.Smith, congratulated Denaby on winning the cup again. The friendly rivalry between the two teams were not his chief reason in presenting the cup. He wanted to create more enthusiasm for Cricket in Denaby Main. Denaby were quite deserving of the victory. They had a stronger team than Cadeby, but he hoped that next year Cadeby would be stronger, and give a good game. What they wanted, however, was to foster the spirit of sportsmanship in Denaby Main.

Mr Smith in responding, said that if Mr Harrison would like to see Cadeby victorious, Cadeby would have to get more cricketers; and for everyone they got at Cadeby, they at Denaby would get two. (Laughter.)

The time was not far distant when South Yorkshire would look on Denaby as one of the best cricket teams in the County. They were making an endeavour to gain admission to the Yorkshire Council, and were doing all possible to better the team and club. There had been a good day┬┤s cricket that day, and they hoped for better in the future.

The Harrison Cup has been competed for four seasons, and Denaby Colliery has won it each time.

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