He Adds Glamour to the Ivanhoe

6 June 1960

South Yorkshire Times, June 6

He Adds Glamour to the Ivanhoe

Barry Breedon, the fastest time trials rider of 1964, the pursuit racing champion of the North Midlands and now the 25 mile champion of all England has made the name of Conisbrough Ivanhoe Cycling Club famous throughout the sport.

His success in the national 25 mile TT championship in Oxfordshire last Sunday climaxed for the local club a wonderful five days in which he had also won the the North Midlands 4000 metres individual pursuit racing championship .

Barry joined Conisbrough Ivanhoe way back in 1956 and though by 1957 he was doing 25 miles in 61 ½ minutes, his rides were overshadowed by the exploits of those speedy Ivanhoe men Tony Moffatt, Sam Ryan and Roy Cromack. Then in July 1962 Barry equalled the Yorkshire record with a 56 min 46 secs win in the Brodsworth 25 and from that day he has never looked back.

Last season he won 11 open time trials, rode 25 miles in 55 mins 20 secs and50 miles in 1 hr 56mins 15 secs and now at the age of 25 he has reached the top.

His 25 mile ride in 56 mins 46secs last April is still the best of 1964 and his championship ride in 56 mins 56 secs in wind and ran last Sunday was too good for the London and Birmingham experts who had looked to be his chief rivals.


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