Heroes – A List of the Men who won Distinctive Honours

December 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 28, 1918


Sgt L.Calvert, V.C., M.M.,

Belgian order of Leopold.


Sub Lt C.J.Pickett


Sgt H.Humphries (and M.M.),

Sgt James Keywood,

Private Sam Wright (and M.M.)

Sgt Major F.Rudd,

Sgt Maj J.Jenkins,

Sgt H.E.Booth


Cpl William Mee


Private O.Boyland,

Private A. Davy,

Private Joseph Darby,

Cpl William Corney,

Lance Cpl T.Jordan,

Lance Cpl T. Gascoyne,

P.O.James Cheetham,

Gunner M.Thompson,

Sgt F.A.Ward,

Bomb. G.T Worth,

Cpl A.Robinson,

Lt G.Wheeliker,

Rifleman R.Butcher (deceased),

Private W. Oldfield,

Sgt J.Gedney,

Lance Cpl, L.Wren,

Private A.Barker,

Sgt H.Ellis,

Sgt Maj C.Hill, Lt. F.Adkins,

Sgt Major F.Rudd,

Lance Cpl James Wright,

Sgt C.F.Crawson(deceased)

Cpl W.A.Scott,

Private B.H.Rhodes,

Private L.Stones, Sgt J.Ford, Private L.Barron, Private G.A.More,

Cpl C.Wharton, Cpl A.Ellmer,

Private J.W.Miller, Sgt J.Parker, Sgt W.T.Goodship, Cpl H.Wright, Private R.Pendlebury, Private T.Clamp, Sgt J.Lyons, Sgt A.Westlake, Private R.Knight, Private A.Briddon, Private A. Atkinson, Sgt J.T.Jones, Private H.Stephenson, Private J.A.Stacey, (deceased), Private G.Osborne.

Cross of St George:

Stoker E.Walker

Allies crosses:

Sgt B Thompson (French)

Private J Killingworth (Serbia),

Rifleman R. Butcher M.M.(K.R.R.)

Butcher R. – Military Medal for Conspicuous Bravery – Killed in Action

Able Seaman H.Stacey M.M., (R.N.D.),

Conisborough, died of wounds

Stacey H. – Died of Wounds

Sgt James Keywood M.M.

Keywood, James – Denaby Heroes – Two Very Gallant Men

Lance Cpl T.Jordan, M.M.

Jordan T. – Denaby Heroes – Two Very Gallant Men

Private O.Boyland, M.M. Boylan, Owen – A Denaby Hero

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