Hockey – Conisborough Victoria

October 1922

Mexborough and Swinton Times, October 14.


Conisborough Victoria (Mix). 8 Normandy Park 3

At Normandy Park, Victoria encountered the team whichhas so decisively defeated their neighbours, Swinton, the previous week.

Normandy were unchanged except that Walker, the Lincoln County back, came into the side, and the keen contest, which was anticipated did not materialise, for the visitors had most of a game which was tremendously fast throughout, and after settling down, won fairly easily.

Exchanges were even, Normandy being the first to score, J.C Sewell netting from a throw in close to goal.

Victoria were awarded a corner and Geoff Soar went up to assist the forwards he obtained possession, and converted with a magnificent inverted stick drive, levelling the scores. For the rest of the half, the game was Victoria´s, and the home defence was severely tested B.B.Clarkson notching a couple of good goals.

On resuming, Clarkson quickly completed the hat trick and then scored his fourth .

Normandy then swept down, and J Tomlinson scored a fine goal from the right wing. Victoria´s forwards were combining well and though E.Meacock did much good work, he was unable to score, but are R Soar,working well on the right, added two more goals.

J Sewell added another for the home team, but Clarkson scored Conisborough’s eighth, making his quotarfor the match into five.

It was a pretty game to watch, full of good hockey on both sides, with Victoria´s team (both ladies and men) playing like machines, and this match is undoubtedly their finest effort in mixed hockey since the club was formed.

This is the only mixed match in Victoria´s fixture list and the members are naturally elated at the result.

Next week, Victoria (men) are way to Frodingham and the ladies are at home to Pitsmoor.

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