Home Guard – New Year Greeting – “Cede Nullis”

January 1941

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 4, 1941

Home Guard.

The commander of the local Home God, Mr Philip Brocklesby, in giving New Year Greetings to members of his company, says that

“there begins to glow on the horizon a light which is well indicated by two thoughts.

(1) thought for the future: these things shall be; a loftier race than air the world at non-shall rise, with Flame of Freedom in their souls, and Light of Knowledge in their eyes.

(2) thought for the present: the Regimental motto, “Cede Nullis,” “Yield to none,”

The Company Commander also announces that Cpl E.J. Price, of No 1 Platoon and Cpl A. Robuck, of No 2 Patoon, have both been promoted to the rank of Sergeant





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