Impudent Robbery in Conisborough

October 1900

Mexborough and Swinton Times, December 7

Impudent Robbery in Conisborough

Conisbrough has this week been startled by the report of another impudent robbery just taken place in our midst.

Another case of housebreaking. This time the unfortunate individual is Mr Fred Wright, who resides at Silverwood view. It appears that Mr Wright is one of our local Miners leaders, and is looked upon by his fellow workmen as a very trustworthy man.

For several years past he has held the important position of Treasurer to the Cadeby Main Miners checkweigh fund, and in that capacity as had the handling of several hundred pounds.

Recently the miners have resolved to have the balance in hand belonging to the fund, drawing out of the bank and divided amongst them.

Accordingly, Mr Wright had drawn this money, over £70 for this purpose. Last Friday night while Mr Wright was at work, some person or persons effected an entrance into his house and carried off this large sum of money, and according to the latest accounts there does not appear to be any clue whatever to the robbers.

We have had so many robberies this last few years in Conisbrough that the question is rather serious.

It seems monstrous at this kind of thing should be frequently occurring, yet I do not remember of anyone being brought to justice.

It is certainly a matter that wants enquiring into. I sincerely sympathise with Mr Wright in his great loss, and hope the guilty one will soon be caught

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