It Isn’t School all Over Again – Recreative and Social

October 1963

South Yorkshire Times, October 19.

It Isn’t School all Over Again.

Only a quarter of the students registered with Conisbrough Centre of the Rockingham Institute of Further Education are 19 or under.

This is not enough, says Mr C.M.Wilson, head of the centre, who told the “South Yorkshire Times” on Tuesday: “a lot of young people fight shy of these classes because they think it is a continuation of school – it isn’t. It is more a recreative and social type of institution.”

Mr Wilson laid particular emphasis on the fact that membership is free for those who were not 19 by September 1 this year. The only qualification is that students must be over school leaving age.

Mr Wilson said, “I am surprised there aren’t more young people interested in cookery classes – you would think that when they left school and started thinking about getting married, they would want to learn more about this subject.”

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